Pre-departure Briefing

Getting the grades is just the start. There are a lot to think about before travelling abroad to begin at your new university, that’s why we’ve put together our pre deprature briefing. Our Pre-Departure Briefings are designed to support students in their transitions to new life in a new place of their study destination. We discuss about preparing for travel, arriving in new country, and getting started to live in a new environment. How to establish basic services such as opening bank accounts, health insurance, visa requirements, part time jobs, getting new phones, and about settling down in a new country will be discussed. All students and their parents would be invited to attend these briefings.

Why We Advice Students To Attend

Participation is to make new students feel comfortable and confident about their transition to their study destinations.

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Meet people going to study at the same destination as you.
  • Get connected with alumni students that can help you when you arrive.
  • Sort out any issues by asking international officers any questions you might have about your transition.
  • Get useful information about the country and ways of life of your study destination.
  • Meet old and new students
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